Know More About the vivo V20

The vivo V20 is the latest smartphone from OPPO and it comes with many unique features and is priced at a fair price. The display of this device is amazing with crisp and clear display. The total memory of this handset is 3GB and this can be increased according to your need. There is plenty of memory and space to store files and apps. The handset runs on the powerful MSM interface and is equipped with the Adreno dispatch system.

This handset comes with a unique camera setup in which the rear cameras are placed high above the display for excellent photos. There is a dual LED Quick Charge, which gives you quick charge and also delivers bright light. The software of this handset is android and is perfectly compatible with the Android devices. The memory of this handset is also enhanced with the help of the memory extendable data cards, which are removable and can be attached with the phone. The connectivity options of this device are GSM, EDGE and WLL.

The vivo V20 review follows the same format as that of the other vivo v20 reviews that have been written regarding this amazing smartphone. It has a sleek metallic finish that makes it look and feel really nice. The weight of the phone is less than seven ounces, which is really light and makes it easy to carry. In this comparison of the camera performance of the v20 and the camera set of the sony ericsson models, there is no doubt that the Nokia model comes out with a clear edge in the comparison.

In this vivo V20 review we consider the functionality of the text messaging application of this smartphone. This device has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor, which is one of the best features available in this device. You can use this fingerprint sensor in order to send a message or an image by just pressing a button on the touch screen. Apart from this, you can also use this application in order to send email to your friends. A good quality amoled display is present on this handset along with the multi functional buttons.

Under the battery charge of the vivo V20 review, the battery of this handset has a good capacity to retain charge for about a day. This phone has a fast charging facility, which allows the users to enjoy a fully functional time. If you do not like the way the battery of this handset drains over a period of time, then you should go for a version with a larger capacity battery. Memory expansion slot of this handset is another feature that can be considered while writing a review about the vivo V20. Users of this handset should make sure that they get the maximum memory support through the expandable memory slots.

In this vivo V20 review, you will get to know how this handset performs and what are the advantages of buying it. You will also find out the pros and cons of the Axon mobile phone. As mentioned above, this handset has a large memory capacity of 4GB and also has a fast charging facility that charges the mobile batteries within a few minutes of use. Also, the Axon multimedia engine helps in increasing the efficiency of the performance of this handset. The charging system of the vivo V20 review also mentions that this handset supports the micro SD card and the Grey adapter for connecting the headphone jack of the smartphones.

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